Pressure Points




We At Pressure Points Offer Wide Range Of Health Services To Make You Healthy Using Holistic Methods.Using Pressure Points To Cure Your Illness Is Not Only An Effective Means To Cure Your Illness But Also A Side Effect Free Means To Give Your Organ A Rebirth.



Accompanied with accupressure, Physiotherapy to treat acute body pains gives us an additional edge to quickly rejuvenate you .Our mission is to give tablet free treatment to our patients using healing with hands as a prime technique.




We believe that panchkarma relieves your long term impediments and help you gain reannaisance.It is a seven day detoxifying and cleansing program meant to overcome mental hassles using Vamana, Basti, and Nasya techniques.


Healing With Hands....

We provide wide range of services dealing from panchkarma to physiotherapy to accupressure to relieve our patients.Our mission is to make a world toxic free using holistic methods of healing,providing tablet free and side effect free treatement.Using pressure points to cure cervical spondylysis,kidney diseases and paralysis is our USP and instilling Panchkarma for detoxifying and cleansing complements it , which helps in curing mental issues.

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Most popular procedures:


Foot pressure points to connect to the nerves associated with the brains.


Performing shirodhara, a panchkarma technique used in the third day of detoxification.


Natural herbs used for the treatment purpose giving it a holisitical look.